Photographer | Husband | Father | Foodie | Marathon Runner

Hi I’m Ash,

I want you to relax and enjoy your day knowing that no matter what, I will be passionately working to creatively use light to craft images full of emotion and magic. So when you invite us to photograph your day, you’ll be receiving images or film that will mean you can relive those moments for years to come, remember how it felt, how much fun everyone had and just how good you looked!

My dad is Indian,  my mum Filipino and I was born and bred in London.  My parents couldn’t decide which language I should speak first so now I can only speak English ( boo…)  It was not uncommon in our household to have curry on a Thursday, noodles on a Friday,  and Fish & Chips on a Saturday!  I love that whole fusion of cultures.  I support Arsenal, play the drums, love  ‘Bubble Tea’,  Dexter (Tv-Show), the Queen, God bless her, and find it impossible to say ‘no’ to a good ol’ Sunday Roast’. My favourite movie of all time is ‘Back to the Future’ – it’s got a love story, action, comedy,  a killer soundtrack, an awesome car and discourse on time travel….what’s not to like?!

I  get very passionate and single -minded about any thing I ‘get into’.  I met my wife on a Sunday and proposed the following Friday (we’ve been married now for 8yrs so I’m glad that worked out!)  I started learning drums  at 20 and by 23 I was  blessed enough to have a career as a professional musician .Fast forward  9yrs and when my wife became pregnant she bought me a camera and told me  “… practice for when the baby comes…”.  So I did…and the more I did……the more hooked I became.  They say behind every good man is a good woman…they weren’t lying!  That was 4yrs and over a 100 weddings ago…..doesn’t time fly?

So put all of that together  and maybe that’s why I now gravitate towards photographing weddings: The  excitement of the day,  the emotion of it all, the buzz, the details, that ‘live element’ and most importantly that awesome feeling as  two people make one of the most amazing, exciting yet mind-boggling and sometimes even ‘scariest’ decision in their lives.

Again, if that all sounds good to you drop me a line and I would be thrilled to hear about  your plans and how you feel I could be a part of your amazing day. Just click HERE.