Jen & Jerin Iceland Proposal

Iceland Proposal Photography.
Iceland is such a beautiful country, with so many awe-inspiring natural sights, from, waterfalls, mountains, geysers and hot springs to name a few.  So how do you make a once in a life time trip even more special? Jerin had the answer: a surprise proposal to Jen!  Not just any proposal, but one in front of the most iconic waterfalls with a custom made ring designed a whole year before.  It started out with what Jen thought was just a couple shoot at some of Iceland’s most treasured scenes but little did she know! We think it’s going to be a while before we see anyone top this proposal.  It was such a privilege to witness such a life-defining moment.  To witness it at such close proximity, of two souls who are perfectly matched, where you can actually feel their emotions and see it all play out, combined with the feeling of just standing in such awe-inspiring surroundings. It will long stay in the memory and one of those moments where you are, as Jen would say “feeling life so hard right now”.  Not only that but the whole tale of how we actually met Jerin and planned the whole thing is an awe-inspiring story in and of itself. You could say, it was just meant to be.  But we will save that for another time, for now here are some highlights of their amazing moment…

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